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The 5 Generations of
Digital Maturity

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The “5 Generations of Digital Maturity” tool will map your organization’s digital maturity and show where you are today and where your management team wants to be in five years. It will map with intuitive graphics the details of your digital maturity gap for the entire management team and each member. This will allow the team members to formulate a specific plan to improve and accelerate our organization's strategy and development plan. The tool is intended to be used by the organization’s senior executive management team or the management team around a specific business function. The benefit the organization will see from using the results of the tool are:


  • Faster execution of their strategy and realization of tangible benefits

  • Ability to identify the few mission-critical digital priorities that matter

  • The management team and individual members can identify and improve their strategic action points.


The online tool uses a questionnaire that has 60 questions and six demographic questions. All the questions are formulated in a business-focused language and will take approximately 20 minutes per executive.


The tools' intuitive graphics and data deliver insight into the organization and the individual executive's digital maturity today and in five years. This insight allows the organization and respondents to focus on the areas most important to them. The areas covered are the following:


  • Strategic Purpose

  • Digital Ambition & Organizational Anchoring

  • Value Realization of Technology

  • Data & Analytics

  • Technology Organization(s) & Collaboration

  • Digital Architecture & Governance


The data and graphical visualization will allow the executives to see their results and compare that to the overall organizational results and effectiveness. Furthermore, the graphics will show the spread of the team's results, thus allowing for more informed identification of areas of focus and improvement.


The results can and should be combined with the 10+3 Capabilities tool's results to understand the digital competencies required for the transformation. However, the tool can also be used stand-alone.


The tools are available either individually (either the 5G or 10+3) or combined. There are two dimensions to consider to use the online digital evaluation tools:


  • The number of individual respondents

  • The length of time for access


The number of respondents will generally be a minimum of at least one management team, such as, for example, the executive management team of an organization. But it can also stretch to include all managers across an organization.


The length of access to the tools can be a minimum of 3 months but will generally be either 12 months or 36 months. The more extended access enables both the individual and the management team to track their digital progress by comparing improvements in capabilities over time.

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