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10+3 Capabilities for
Digital Transformation

Succeeding with a digital transformation requires the organization to have the right balance of leadership skills and competencies. Most organizations struggle because the individual leaders and the executive do not know what digital leadership skills or capabilities are critical for a successful digital transformation.


The 10+3 Capabilities Tool enables the executive management team and the team's members to identify the needed organizational capabilities and leadership competencies that allow the organization to become successful with its digital transformation efforts.


Our online tools consist of two tests. The test results evaluate the individual leader’s digital capabilities and the combined leadership team. The results are presented graphically in a report covering the individual leader and the leadership team. The test consists of 39 and six background questions and can be answered in approximately 20 minutes.


The results from the answered questions will show ten unique organizational capabilities and three specific leadership competencies critical for the organization to succeed with its digital transformation. The capabilities are grouped into four categories:


  • Strategy

  • Technology

  • Organization

  • Leadership


The results will graphically show the respondent their organization’s capabilities and the leadership competencies of the management team. The results will allow the management team to build a plan for the group and each participant.


The results can and should be combined with the 5 Generation Digital Maturity tool results or stand-alone.


The tools are available either individually (either the 5G or 10+3) or combined. There are two dimensions to consider to use the online digital evaluation tools:


  • The number of individual respondents

  • The length of time for access


The number of respondents will generally be a minimum of at least one management team, such as, for example, the executive management team of an organization. But it can also stretch to include all managers across an organization.


The length of access to the tools can be a minimum of 3 months but will generally be either 12 months or 36 months. The more extended access enables both the individual and the management team to track their digital progress by comparing improvements in capabilities over time.

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